Little Lady recommends Red Line Synthetic will make your machine purrr! : )

This oil works great.  In the motor it runs nice and cool.  Motorcycles that use the same oil for motor, transmission, and clutch feel better than ever.  In bikes with separate transmissions you can get the best smooth feel from the Shock Proof Gear Oils. It makes all the shifts feel smooth and solid.  The Shock Proof Gear Oil makes the old four and five speeds feel great.  My /5 and 90S feel better than ever.  In my R1100S, with the Light Weight Shock Proof the shifts never felt so good, and should help the bearings last longer.  Synthetic oil felt better then the old petroleum oil.  These Shock Proof Gear Oils are another step better, noticeably.  You are protecting the gears and bearings better than with any other oil.  A noticeably better oil than the BMW synthetic oils.  Another good item is the S1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner. This has made a noticeable difference in the way all my bikes run,  and the shop truck also feels better!  Check out the information below.  Click on the page to enlarge for reading.

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